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Modern people always carry their smartphone with them and when it comes to taking a quick photo, this multifunctional device is also always at hand.

And there's nothing wrong with that: a photo doesn't always have to be a work of art that we want to keep permanently. A quick photo for the social networks or for the messanger. Taken as quickly as forgotten again.

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Your photographer for portraits, family photos and business photography in Lachen, Altendorf and Freienbach.

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We certainly want to appear in a good light. And then certainly not the cell phone snapshot comes into play, but professional photography. And if you need a passionate photographer for the towns of Freienbach, Altendorf or Lachen in the canton of Zurich, then I am happy to be your service provider.

Beautiful backdrops

At the southern end of Lake Zurich lies the village of Lachen. The landscape around can be a beautiful background for photography. For example, the peaks of the Wätital Pre-Alps or a sunset on Lake Zurich. The harbor of Altendorf can also be the base for beautiful photos. From Freienbach there are beautiful views of the Etzel.

One thing is clear: If you can see, you can take pictures. But learning to see can take a little longer. I have a sharp eye.