A modern dining room with a wooden wall.


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Architectural photography

Set the scene for buildings

Simple thing?

Photographing a house is easy. That's what you might think when you approach it as an amateur. Just hold the cell phone on it and the picture is ready.

The difference

But if you compare self-created photos with the works of well-known architectural photographers, it's not hard to tell the difference.

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Customer references

The diversity of architectural photos

Representative architectural photos

Single family house - Arth-Goldau

Photos for brochures

Architectural photography can mean photographing important and imposing buildings. Maybe a picture of a museum or an old church is needed to present these properties in a brochure or on the website.

Or the company building is to be a representative architectural photo, even if only for directions. If a property is for sale, architectural photography is also used.

What distinguishes architectural photography?

My focus

Good architectural photography

  • Sharpness

    As an architectural photographer, I focus on sharpness. No detail should be lost to the viewer.

  • Motif selection

    The choice of motif is a job in which every photographer should take a lot of time. In this way I get the feel for the symmetry of a building.

  • Contrast

    It is also a good way to play with the contrast. Here it is important to emphasize dark areas a bit or to make certain elements paler.

A dark room with a staircase and table, beautifully captured by an architectural photographer.


Questions for the photographer


Is architectural photography affordable?

Take photos yourself or book a professional photographer for the job? The decision is in your hands and I will gladly be at your disposal for the second option. The architectural photography prices will convince you.

Intended use

What is architectural photography?

The type of architectural photography is determined by its purpose. It can be real estate photography, hotel photography or even industrial photography.

As a reference object

Who needs good architectural photography?

Good real estate photos are requested by architects as a reference object, for example, or by a construction company. Each need sets its own priorities and can lead to different photos.

I am always on the road with architects. Great buildings, shapes, lines and aesthetics, that's what pleases.