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What is the difference between a photo and a video film? A video describes the world as we perceive it in everyday life. Continuous and rushing from moment to moment. A photo, on the other hand, can capture a single moment forever. We hardly ever manage to do that in our perception of reality.

How long does a moment last. A second? Or even less? A moment is difficult to grasp. It's the brief moment between the past and the future. And a good photographer is able to keep this inconspicuous moment alive forever. Not even a film can do that.

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 Are you looking for a photographer for Meilen or Feldmeilen in the Canton of Zurich?
I look forward to hearing about your ideas.

The photographer for field miles and miles

Ideal place for corporate shoots, event photography and portraits

Situated on Lake Zurich

If you need a photographer for Meilen or Feldmeilen, then it is usually not far to interesting motifs from nature and culture. Because the villages are located on the beautiful Lake Zurich.

How about a lively family photo on the suspension bridge over the Beugenbachtobel between Meilen and Obermeilen? Or with a distant view of Lake Zurich?

Photo shoots for families like the Gerber family from Meilen.

Photos mean getting more out of life. This is true for my clients. But also for me as your photographer.