Drone photography

For real estate agents

For companies and private

Exterior shots

Your drone pilot

Your drone pilot for the perfect aerial implementation.

Your photographer

Laurin Grether: On the road for you as a photographer for corporate, private events, real estate, families, protraits and much more.

There for you throughout Switzerland

I am your man on the spot for drone photography. Websites are also part of my everyday work. I will gladly inform you about the process and prices.

Customer references

Photos including preparation

and postprocessing


I take care of all the processing of the photos. Completely including the preparation and post-processing.

GPS controlled

GPS plays a crucial role in the operation of drones. Most drones are equipped with GPS technology.

Various flight modes

Various flight modes help me control the drone and perform certain flight maneuvers or functions.


Questions for the photographer

Which events?

For which events can you book a photographer?

In principle, any event can be captured on photo. If necessary, clarify data protection issues in advance if event visitors are also to be seen in the photos.

The core of the event

Why should a professional event photographer handle the shoot?

Every event has its own mood, its soul. Spontaneous snapshots always tell only a small part of the story of an event. Professional event photography, on the other hand, gets to the core of this story.

Good briefing

What points are important for a good briefing for the event photographer?

We are happy to inspect the premises together in advance. Which people are in the foreground? What is the message, the objective of the event?

Events are exciting, indoors or outdoors. With my equipment, I'm right there - in hot-shots style.