Real estate photography

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Photos for real estate agents

The first step for the sale

Arouse emotions

People react to offers on different levels. The mind is interested in the key data of the property. These are, for example, the year of construction, the thermal insulation, the renovations that have been carried out. But people are also emotional beings. Emotions are conveyed primarily through real estate photography.

The most beautiful side of the property

Here the potential buyer can see whether a house is beautiful or not. As a real estate photographer for Graubünden, St. Gallen and Glarus, I present your property from its most beautiful side. And beauty can be found in every house, it is the task of the real estate photographer to recognize the beauty of the property.

Customer references

For real estate sellers

You need professional real estate photography if you belong to the following groups of people, for example:

Real estate agent

Selling homeowners


The property from the outside

and photograph from inside

Aerial photography with drones

In real estate photography, it is the task of the real estate photographer to document the building to the extent that the prospective buyer can decide before the viewing whether the property is interesting for him. This begins with the exterior views of the house. The location of the property is fixed, only the perspective of the photographer makes the photo.

Thanks to modern drone technology, aerial photography is no longer a problem. In the second step, of course, the photography of the interiors is also important. Perhaps these are still attractively furnished? Then we should also use this furnishing for real estate photography.

Photo shoots for private sellers like this single family home in Herisau.

I photograph your real estate high quality, from the right perspective. Winning, impressive and embedded in the environment.