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I am your business photographer
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Photo shoots for companies such as Boston Consulting Group AG.

Professional photo shoots

For private photos, sometimes your own camera is enough. But in business, you should leave nothing to chance. The way you present your business in a photo is how your public image develops. And this decides whether you win new customers or not. Inconceivable for business photography to trouble your own smartphone and leave the lighting to chance. You are looking for a business photographer for Aargau or Zurich. Get in touch with me. Together we will develop the right vision for your company.

Customer references

Business and employee portraits

Group photos

Tell stories

The decisive factor is what story you want to tell with the photos. Should your employees be presented quite conservatively behind the desk?

Team spirit

Or is the team spirit in the foreground and you need group photos? Would you like to represent your production facilities and show that people are passionate about their work?

Your vision

Perhaps you already bring your vision with you. Or we can find it together. Friendly faces are an invitation to your clientele. That's why business portraits also play a big role.

Portrait photos for your business
in Zurich or Aargau

New customer acquisition

Approachable contacts make it easy for your new customers to make initial contact. An endearing smile makes picking up the phone so easy. I am happy to work for you as a business photographer in the Aargau or Zurich area.

Contact me, maybe you have already found your photographer!

Staff portraits for the Law Clinic UZH.

I photograph each business in such a way that the employees and especially the company are authentically reflected, in all facets.