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In my everyday professional life I have learned: Almost anything can be an object for photography. From a small ant to a large piece of real estate. And there is hardly anything that has not been photographed before.

I advise against quick snapshots with a smartphone if you want to use the photo for advertising, print or website. I am on the road with tripod, flash unit, interchangeable lenses and professional camera and photograph for partly well-known companies.

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Convincing photos

through empathy and knowledge of human nature

The practiced look

The work of a photographer can be quite diverse. An eye for the character of real estate is as important as empathy for people. Every picture wants to show its object from the most interesting side.

Sensitive photographer

How does a person want to see himself? How is he seen by his fellow human beings? Yes, photography can also have a lot to do with empathy and knowledge of human nature.

Real estate photo shoot in Wädenswil.

The photo session in
Wädenswil and Richterswil

Business photos

You would like to have a photo session in Richterswil or in Wädenswil in the canton of Zurich? There can be many reasons for this: Perhaps you would like to redesign your company's presence on the Internet and need business photos?

Family photos

Or it's time for a family photo while the kids are still young? The towns of Wädenswil and Richterswil also offer a beautiful backdrop for outdoor photos. Lake Hüttner or the Pfannenstiel chain, for example.

Beautiful backdrops

Or the wide fields at Schönenberg. In Richterswil, there are panoramic views from Feusisberg to the village and the Lake Zurich basin. Or the hilly forests of Samstagern.

My challenge is to make something visible that is no longer present to the masses. To make the hidden current.