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Portrait photography

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Facial expression

A person's face can tell many stories. We know this from nonverbal communication: with a changed facial expression, the meaning of our words can change.


We express irony, humor or even seriousness through the face. More than 50 muscles are involved in the face to communicate mimically.

As expressive as a person's face is, portrait photography is equally demanding.

Customer references

Portrait photography also outdoor

Portraits in nature


A perfect and also quite individually set up lighting for portrait photography is usually created in the photo studio. But portrait photography is also possible outdoors, see my Portrait portfolio.


This is where the full natural color spectrum of the sun comes into play. Outdoor portrait photography can also mean finding and using a natural background.

Business portrait photos

Serious photos

Capture your personality

You need a professional business photo for the advertising brochure or for the homepage? You want to appear particularly serious as a contact person? I am on the road for you in Switzerland, so in Grisons, Glarus and St. Gallen. But also in Zurich and in Aargau.

I would be happy to help you create a unique piece of work from your portrait photo for your business appearance. A photo that captures your personality. A photo with which you can promote your company or your projects. A photo, for the acquisition of new customers.

Business portrait photos

Serious photos

A good portrait photo doesn't just come out of a smartphone.
In addition to artistic and creative talent, some hardware is also required. Something like this:

  • A professional camera

  • The right lens

  • A folding reflector

  • The studio flash

  • One light shaper

I will gladly advise you

If you want something more from a portrait than just a plain photo, I'd love to be your photographer.

Together we will find out which location is most suitable for your portrait photos.

Call me and I will be happy to answer all your questions and requests.

Portrait photography is for me the opportunity to show people thoughtful, joyful or from your best side.