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Laurin Grether: On the road for you as a photographer for corporate, private events, real estate, families, protraits and much more.

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I photograph companies and their employees: Do you need new photos for the website? But also events, congresses, trade fairs are on the program. Or real estate photography - also with the drone: As a photographer, I am passionate about architectural photography with its shapes, lines and colors. Whether in Thalwil or the wider Lake Zurich: call me and ask for a free consultation.

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Photography in Thalwil,
Kilchberg and Rüschlikon

Not only for family photos I am at your disposal, I am also your photographer for

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...and much more. Just ask.

The photographer for Kilchberg,
Rüschlikon and Thalwil

High quality business photos

The villages of Thalwil, Rüschlikon and Kilchberg are located in the canton of Zurich. In connection with Kilchberg, we naturally think first of chocolate. And indeed, Kilchberg is the headquarters of a large international chocolate manufacturer.

No question: Business photos are also needed here. A beautiful backdrop for outdoor photos is Lake Zurich. There are also beautiful views of Lake Zurich in the local area of Rüschlikon as a background for your photo.

In Thalwil, the wildlife park and the slopes of the Zimmerberg also make for a nice photo backdrop.

Photo shoot for Saxonia Franke AG.

My challenge is to make something visible that is no longer present to the masses. To make the hidden current.