Architectural photography

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The competent architectural photographer
for Lucerne, Zug and Schwyz

I take pictures for real estate sellers.

Architect = Artist

As an architectural photographer, I see myself as an artist. An architect is also an artist. Not only does he have an eye for exclusive buildings that stand out from the monotony of prefabricated houses, these must of course also score in functional terms.

From the design on the digital drawing board to the ready-to-occupy house actually built on its site, this is a development not unlike a composition by a composer that is actually performed by a large orchestra at some point.

Customer references

I make high quality building photos

Architectural photography means creating high-quality photos of buildings. But architectural photography can mean much more:

Aerial photography with drone

Industrial photography

Interior photos of the buildings

Architectural photography in a broader sense

I capture the soul of the buildings as a photographer

Good architecture photos

For some architects, their creations become something similar to their own children. Nice when there are then also good architectural photos. Are you looking for an architectural photographer for the cantons of Schwyz, Zug or Lucerne? Contact me now without obligation. I will be happy to capture the soul of your buildings.

Angle and perspective

What is the big difference between people as a photo subject and real estate? People are mobile, real estate is always in the same place. This means that the photographer has to move. In fact, the character of the photo is determined mainly by the angle and perspective of the photographer.

I am always on the road with architects. Great buildings, shapes, lines and aesthetics, that's what pleases.