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Would you like to have professional photos taken by a photographer in Baden? If we understand photography as art, there is no objective instance that defines the criteria for "the perfect photo". Aesthetics are highly individual and depend on the intended message you want to convey.

As an experienced photographer in Baden, I use creative setups that break with conventions and put your spirit in a new light. This is how I create original family photos, authentic portraits and job application photos for clients in Baden, which combine traditional design elements with innovative photography techniques.

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I offer photography for business and private in the whole canton of Aargau.

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Laurin Grether: On the road for you as a photographer for corporate, private events, real estate, families, protraits and much more.

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Yes, that's me: your photographer for Baden, Aargau and Switzerland. For expressive application photos, business photos, employee portraits or photo shoots with the family, I am quickly on site. Professional photo technology such as different types of lenses and variable exposure times allow me to take into account the specifics of each photographic assignment. Appointments for website photos regularly take me to all four corners of Switzerland. I would be happy to inform you about the process and prices of my services as a photographer.

Why hire a professional photographer?

A trained photographer has a wide range of photographic equipment, which he can adapt to any shooting situation.

  • Even though occasional random shots make pretty subjects, they can't compete with the top-notch shots of a professional photographer.
  • Digital lenses, zoom and depth of field create an optimal symbiosis of images that pick up the viewer on an emotional level.
  • Each individual lens is optimized for a specific area of application.
  • With the help of expertise and the respective technical parameters, the conditions for each photo can be optimized.

How I photograph portraits

Portraits have special requirements. To get undistorted and well exposed portraits, I apply some tricks.

  • For portraits, I like to use lightweight telephoto lenses with focal lengths in the range of 85 to 135 mm, which are neither too short nor too long. This allows freehand photography with a compact design and good speed.
  • Particularly indoors, telephoto lenses are a good way of extending too narrow viewing angles to capture wider sections of the image.
  • For portrait photos, standard photographic means such as an f4 aperture at 85 mm focal length are usually suitable.
  • Light and contrast direct the eye to the person being photographed.

For event photography, it's a good idea to have versatile, straightforward equipment that offers usable shots in any light.

  • A camera should also deliver good images in low light and high ISO values.
  • Usually a good zoom lens from 24 to 70 mm / f2.8 is suitable.
  • High-ISO quality replaces required tripods.
  • If the shooting situation permits, system flashes are excellent for capturing moving subjects.

Photos mean getting more out of life. This is true for my clients. But also for me as your photographer.