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Photography is more

Photography means more than the skill of using a photo camera. In fact, today there are many options to take photos. It starts with the camera of the cell phone. Expensive smartphones also have a pretty good camera. Then there are the compact cameras with photo quality comparable to many cell phones.

Bridge and SLR cameras

Bridge cameras offer somewhat more options, and then there are system cameras with interchangeable lenses. There are differing opinions on SLR systems. Here, the photographer can already see the final image format in the viewfinder before taking the photo. For some photographers this is very important, for others not.

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Photo shoots for companies such as how the party the center miles.

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But photography is about more than a good camera:

  • It's all about angles and settings
  • it is about good light
  • it is about feelings and stories that should be told with the photos

The photographer for Oberrieden and Horgen

Whether it's Horgen or Oberrieden, if you need a professional photographer in the Canton of Zurich, you'll find it here.

I am your photographer for Horgen and Oberrieden

Photography in the Canton of Zurich

Indoor or outdoor photos

Horgen, a village in the canton of Zurich. A large part of Horgen is covered by forest, the place becomes hilly at the Zimmerberg and the Albis mountain range. Here you also have a beautiful panorama for outdoor photos.

Oberrieden is located on the left shore of Lake Zurich and extends to the Sihl Valley. Whether you prefer an indoor photo session with perfectly illuminated light or nature-based pictures in the surrounding area of Horgen or Oberrieden is up to you. We can also combine both ideas.

A gray roof on a building.

Photos for private sellers like this terraced house in Horgen.

You do not have to praise me for my photos. I will be happy if you are fully satisfied with the result.