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My work as an architectural photographer
for Zurich and Aargau

Photo shoots for private sellers like this single family home in Brugg.

Professional photo shoots for you

An architect has a very special view of the future buildings he designs. On the (mostly virtual) paper, there is the view from above and from the side, but when the architect works on the design of his future property, he usually already sees the complete house in front of him. And, of course, this is what he sees even after the construction company has built the property.

As an architectural photographer in Zurich and the canton of Aargau, I take care to photograph buildings convincingly with natural light. The photos should capture the character that the architect has laid out in his designs.

Customer references

Architectural photos advertise the architect

Expressive architectural photos in the cantons of Zurich and Aargau

Best advertising for architects

Photos of interesting architecture are more than just sentimental mementos for an architect. They are the best advertisement for his work. Those who need your services as an architect in Zurich or in the canton of Aargau will first of all also be interested in what you have already done.

Win new customers

Now you can make a round trip to the already built structures. Or you can limit this tour to a few highlights and present your portfolio with meaningful architectural photos. You can also present the architectural photography created for you in advance on your website. This makes new customers curious about your work.

Your architectural photographer

Just contact me, maybe you have already found your architectural photographer!

I am always on the road with architects. Great buildings, shapes, lines and aesthetics, that's what pleases.