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Business photography

When the business photographer comes into play

Faces of your company

Behind every company there are also faces. And this is particularly important for your clientele. Because people tend to personalize offers and topics. A business photographer puts these faces on paper or on your company's homepage.

Suitable for the company

The face in the photos shows its sympathetic strength and reveals a winning character. Business photography in this way becomes a concept that fits the company. As a photographer for business photos, I combine your portrait with the accessories of your company.

Business photography from professional photographer for advertising and your company profile.

Customer references

Your photographer

Laurin Grether: On the road for you as a photographer for corporate, private events, real estate, families, protraits and much more.

There for you throughout Switzerland

Photos for your family, your company or beautiful product images: I will gladly inform you about the possibilities. Even if you spontaneously need new photos for your website.


Questions for the photographer


Should the photo shoot take place at your company or at our photo studio?

Business photo shoots in the company itself are the basis for very special authentic work situations. If the employee and the Business portrait in the foreground, so we can also take advantage of the favorable conditions of the photo studio.


Do you have sufficient experience and references in the field of business photography?

Every photo shoot, every business portrait photo poses new challenges to me as a photographer. Each portrait photo may be a new creative task. Also take a look at my references and customer reviews.


I always see such great accessories in your pictures that you use. Should we bring them or do you provide them?

Accessories from your company make the photos very authentic. I am also happy to provide materials to complement your accessories.

When I photograph people, the result is an idealized, dreamy, private one. Or a hard-hitting business image.