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Photography for Mellingen, Oberrohrdorf
and Niederrohrdorf

Photo shoots for corporate events (pictured: Raiffeisen Bank).

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In times of moving images, photography acts like a haven of peace. A single moment that can be contemplated as long as the photo exists. And good photos from the photographer are not pictures to be quickly deleted.

As a photographer who also works in Mellingen and the Oberrohrdorf region, I quickly noticed: Unlike the cell phone snapshot, they also often take shape as printed photos. Yes, it is also possible today to create an analog photo album. It's a real treasure that you can still browse through decades later. Which cell phone snapshot has survived that long?

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Laurin Grether: On the road for you as a photographer for corporate, private events, real estate, families, protraits and much more.

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My services at a glance: Photo services are diverse and cover a variety of areas. These include photos for events, sporting events, trade shows. But also for companies who want to have their employees photographed for the website. Or product catalogs for advertising. Let yourself be inspired and give me a call - I will be happy to inform you about prices, use and possibilities.

Photography in the canton of Aargau

I am happy to act as your photographer for the localities of Mellingen,
Niederrohrdorf and Oberrohrdorf in the canton of Aargau.

Your photographer for Oberrohrdorf and Niederrohrdorf

Matching backgrounds

East of the Reuss river lies Oberrohrdorf, nestled in the most beautiful natural landscapes. Of course, we can also use this nature for outdoor photos.

From the crest of the Heitersberg at an altitude of 702 meters you can not only enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding area, but also find the right background for your photo.

In the direct neighborhood you will find the small beautiful village Niederrohrdorf.

Scenic highlights

Scenic highlights here include:

  • the boulder in the Taumoos,
  • the Rohrdorferberg,
  • the Limmat valley

The economy of Niederrohrdorf and Oberrohrdorf is also characterized by service companies. I would be happy to come to the region as a photographer for your business photos.

One thing is clear: If you can see, you can take pictures. But learning to see can take a little longer. I have a sharp eye.