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Versatile photography

Real estate, events, corporate events, portraits for websites: As a photographer, I value above all the versatility of my profession and the uniqueness of my subjects. From corporate portraits to individual family photos with a special twist: I am on the road for numerous industries and families in Aargau and Switzerland.

Unique stories

Each photo depicts multiple facets of the respective motif. To take this aspect into account as a photographer, the accentuation of individuality is one of my most important tools. As a professional photographer in Brugg, Turgi and Windisch, I get the best out of every photo with the help of high-quality photographic equipment.

Customer references

Your photographer

Laurin Grether: On the road for you as a photographer for corporate, private events, real estate, families, protraits and much more.

There for you throughout Switzerland

I am your man on the spot at events. Or if you celebrate as a company and need photos, as a souvenir for the management. I also take photos for company websites. Portraits of employees or products for the store. Always with me: camera, lenses and lighting equipment with different flashes. A drone can also be used for aerial photography. As a photographer in Brugg and the region, I am happy to be of service to you. I will inform you about the process and prices on request.

For Windisch, Brugg and Turgi: Your photographer

Between Aare, Reuss and Limmat there are many beautiful motifs for your outdoor photo session in Turgi, Brugg and Windisch.

Photo sessions for companies and private

I am in the photo business much on the road in Aargau

Beautiful outdoor photos

Brugg in particular offers picturesque photo locations. Photographs from Bruggerberg have their charm. The townscape of Turgi is characterized by the industrial buildings and the associated workers' settlement of the 19th century in the classicist and neo-Gothic style. This industrial culture has also been awarded the Wakker Prize.

Perhaps you would like to include this aspect in your outdoor photos? The Aare flows to the north of Windisch, the Reuss to the east. We also find beautiful motifs in the Roman amphitheater Vindonissa.

Photo shoots for families such as the Sulger family from Brugg.

The colors of a photo are affected by the color temperature, color saturation and hue.

  • The color temperature adjusts the photo color to the prevailing light.
  • The color saturation determines how intense the colors of the result are.
  • Color shades can be adjusted most effectively via the hue.
  • The higher the incidence of light, the brighter colors appear.

Services of Grether Photography

My services as a photographer in Aargau include different styles of photography as well as photographic techniques:

  • As a trained photographer in Windisch, Brugg and Turgi, I offer clients holistic photographic support.
  • From conceptual planning to post-processing, as a trained photographer, I am familiar with every step of the process.
  • To create captivating photos, I rely on high-quality photographic equipment and constant development of my expertise.
  • With great sensitivity, I also read between the lines and translate visions into aesthetic photos.

Image editing for my clients

For post-processing, I rely on the powerful software Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • The image processing of photos in this program follows a basic scheme, which can be flexibly adapted to the image in question.
  • First, the brightness of shadows is adjusted.
  • The Clarity and Structure setting items can be used to increase the contrast of details.
  • Color tones can be corrected by tinting and saturation.
  • The photographer can also easily fix lens errors and perspectives in Lightroom.

Photos mean getting more out of life. This is true for my clients. But also for me as your photographer.