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If I buy a still camera, am I automatically a photographer? Probably not. You can compare homemade pictures with those of a trained photographer. You can probably tell the difference in the quality of the photos right away.

The apprenticeship to become a "trained photographer" takes four years in Switzerland. An education that pays off, as you can certainly see in the photos. Are you interested in the services of a professional photographer for Buchs in the canton of Graubünden? Simply contact me by e-mail or phone. I am looking forward to your ideas.

Photographer in Buchs
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Special style

Although color photography became established in the 1970s, black-and-white photography is still an interesting stylistic device for special photos. The reduction of colors directs the viewer to the photographed objects themselves.


Black and white images differ from reality, which gives them a very special artistic touch. As a rule, even black-and-white images today are first created as color photos, but then converted to grayscale.

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For every photo shoot, the question arises whether it should be an indoor or an outdoor photo shoot. For indoor shooting professional lighting is used, outdoor the sun illuminates the scene with its full color spectrum.

In outdoor shooting, of course, the backdrops of nature can be used as a background. In Buchs, the panoramic view from Egerta or from Werdenberg Castle is ideal. Also the castle and Städtli Werdenberg itself has often been immortalized on photo.

My challenge is to make something visible that is no longer present to the masses. To make the hidden current.