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Photo shoots for corporate events such as Boston Consulting Group AG.

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If a photo is to be more than a snapshot, then a professional photographer is usually required. Quality is at the forefront of my work. Whether I photograph for companies or for private family shoots: I combine the technique of the camera with my trained eye for the right picture. My clients are large SMEs but also individual companies from the Männedof and Stäfe region who need pictures of their products and services.

  • a professional photographic equipment
  • a good education
  • the right attitude towards storytelling with photos

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Your photographer

Laurin Grether: On the road for you as a photographer for corporate, private events, real estate, families, protraits and much more.

There for you throughout Switzerland

If you wish, together we will choose the most suitable location. Private photos are relaxed, dreamy or active - so I can immortalize you. Morning and evening hours are the best time for photos. For companies, this plays less of a role: there, the shooting usually takes place indoors. However, I can also take photos or films with a drone. I have suitable cameras and lenses with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Photography for Stäfa and Männedorf

Great backdrops are the basis of the photos

View of Lake Zurich

The municipality of Stäfa on southern Lake Zurich is formed by the villages of Stäfa, Helhof and Uerikon. The hamlet of Mutzmalen also belongs to Stäfa. Stäfa is considered the largest wine-growing community in the canton of Zurich. You can get a great view of Lake Zurich from the Goethebänkli. The great writer spent one night in the village in 1797.

Beautiful photo motifs

A little further north you will find the village of Männedorf. This community is already a sight in itself, it lies on terraces that run parallel to the Pfannenstil ridge. The lake shore is also very beautiful here. As you can see, you don't have to look far for motifs and backgrounds for beautiful photos in Männedorf and Stäfa.

My challenge is to make something visible that is no longer present to the masses. To make the hidden current.