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I also photograph business events - here for Boston Consulting.

Professional photo shoots

From experience I can say as a photographer: Every company should present itself. Only in this way you can present your unique selling proposition nowadays.

And each company should have distinctive features that distinguish it from other companies. And these features, in turn, can be the motivation of customers to buy or order exactly from this company.

As a business photographer in Lucerne, Zug and Schwyz I have a comprehensive offer. Photos for flyers or your website. It is just as important to capture your company profile also in the form of photos.

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The business photo shoot

Are you looking for a business photographer for your company in Zug, Lucerne or Schwyz? Contact me without obligation. Maybe you have already found your business photographer?

Suitable for your company:

Business photos in Lucerne, Zug and Schwyz

An own business photo concept

Maybe you decide from a mix of team photos and individual portraits? Highlight the team spirit, but also show your contacts individually or at work.

You would like to deviate from these stereotypes? We would be happy to develop a business photo concept together that fits your company and leaves the uniform patterns. However, we can also design the business photo shoot quite conservatively and rely on familiar patterns and concepts. Just the way you want it.

I photograph each business in such a way that the employees and especially the company are authentically reflected, in all facets.