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Whether sports event, music event or the fair: Many photos are taken by the visitors. But it can be useful to have some professional photos taken as well and then publish them as official event photos.

With this you can tell the official story about your event. If you want to have your event in Lucerne documented by the photographer with high quality photos, then I am happy to be there for you.

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You need a portrait photographer in Lucerne? Or professional event photos? Contact me now. I am your photographer and quickly on site.

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Professional photography knows many applications. Here are some examples:

  • The business photography
  • The portrait photography
  • The event photography
  • The drone photography
  • The family photography
  • The real estate photography

Good planning

Good planning in advance is of course also a good thing in connection with photography. For example, when shooting at events, all highlights and locations for photography can then be discussed in advance.

You need a last minute photographer? Surely this can also be arranged then.

A good photo - I am convinced - is one that you look at for more than a second, even longer than 10 seconds.