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Most people who have created profiles in social networks nowadays also present themselves with a photo. And ideally, this is also a portrait. And if you browse through these profiles, you can easily tell which photos were snapped with a smartphone and which were taken by an ambitious photographer. If you want memories for the family, it's best to go for beautifully lit faces, either outdoors or at home. Or studio-style in front of a background.

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Portraits can look so different, even if they show the same person over and over again. Even a small change in the angle of the camera to the subject and the subject seemingly changes character.


The questions we legitimately ask ourselves: how come we look so different in different photos? That we like our face in one photo and not another?

In nature

Even in person, we always look different. Depending on how we move our facial muscles, or when we speak, when we turn our head, when we are just tired or awake.

That's how I please myself!

If you are photographing a face for the first time, you may want to make sure that the head is completely visible in the photo and that the ears are not cut off either.

But giving a face real character means more than just getting the portrait on camera.

As a portrait photographer, it is my job to feel humanly into the person who is to be photographed. What does this person want to look like? How is he or she seen by other people? At the same time, the naturalness of the photo should not be lost.

Outdoor photo shoot in Zurich.

Portrait photography is for me the opportunity to show people thoughtful, joyful or from your best side.