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In the past, people thought they were losing their soul by taking a photo. For modern people, photos have become part of everyday life. On social media, hundreds of thousands of images are uploaded and shared every day. As a photographer, I am part of this image-rich world. And I'm also happy to help my clients in Küsnacht and Zollikon when they need good photos.

If we look at a photo philosophically, it again becomes a small miracle: a moment, as short as it is and as fast as it passes, it remains preserved forever (or at least for the lifetime of the photo).

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Laurin Grether: On the road for you as a photographer for corporate, private events, real estate, families, protraits and much more.

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Morning and evening hours are the best time for photos. I always use the appropriate lenses for your project and the right flash as needed. Well lit images are important, whether I'm working for companies or for private individuals. Families often want great, spontaneous pictures of themselves, the kids, grandpa and grandma. Companies want me to photograph their offices, products, and take portraits of employees. My offer is comprehensive, feel free to ask me for a quote.

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With empathy and an eye for interesting stories and perspectives:
I am your photographer for Zollikon and Küsnacht.

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Photography for Küsnacht and Zollikon

On the eastern side of Lake Zurich, at the foot of the Rigi, lies the political municipality of Küsnacht. And here, of course, you also have a fantastic panorama for good photos. Whether you want to stage your family photos close to home or close to nature, in Küsnacht you have quickly found the right location.

The ruins of Wulp Castle and Lake Rumen are also popular photo backdrops. North of Küsnacht lies the wooded Zollikon. Whether you want to use the natural landscapes of Küsnacht and Zollikon as a backdrop for your photos or if you prefer an indoor shooting, I will be happy to come to you in Küsnacht or Zollikon.

Photo shoots for families such as the Rossa family from Küsnacht.

Photos mean getting more out of life. This is true for my clients. But also for me as your photographer.