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Ilanz with its mountain world, local business and sporting events gives something photographically throughout the year. Professional photography includes many aspects, which I follow as a matter of course: Sound preliminary discussion with the customer. Installation of camera and flash. Exact checking of the lighting conditions. Only in this way can I as a photographer deliver the best results.

  • Dealing with the technology
  • Knowledge of human nature, especially in portrait photography
  • artistic aspects
  • the technical post-processing of photos

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Professional photography can immortalize stories in a photograph.
Whether it's business or family photos, this is the photographer for Ilanz.

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Laurin Grether: On the road for you as a photographer for corporate, private events, real estate, families, protraits and much more.

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Photography has different facets. There are companies that want photos of their offices. But what is more beautiful than photographing couples in love. If you are a couple: We choose the location together. Relaxed, dreamy or active - so I can immortalize you in the picture. Morning and evening hours are the best time for photos. I look forward to hearing from you.

I'm satisfied if I work alongside 20 other photographers and still have something different, better to show for it.