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Is it enough to get the appropriate equipment and you are already a professional photographer? In fact, the prices for photography hardware have dropped in the past decades and so there are many hobby photographers today who have a good camera and accessories.

Is that what makes a professional photographer? Probably not. The professional photographer in Chur is not primarily defined by the tools he uses. The end result, the creative powers and the artistic aspects are often more important than modern electronics. Yes, there are even professional photographers who have plainer hardware than the amateur.

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Laurin Grether: The photographer has his home base in Chur. And photographs for companies, private events, real estate, families, protraits and much more.

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I am your man on the spot in the city of Chur: for events, corporate shoots and sports photography. When companies celebrate or need good photos of their offices and production halls. Or if you have a private event. Also websites and the photographic realization of the content are part of my daily work. I will gladly inform you about the process and prices.

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If you want to hire a professional photographer in the city of Chur, who also has a solid education, then you are welcome to book my service.

Photos mean getting more out of life. This is true for my clients. But also for me as your photographer.